1. Benutzername

    GRT Magnus #44 1.2

    I recreated this livery shortly after I finished working on the GEAR Racing powered by GRT Grasser skin. Somehow I never uploaded it anywhere. Both liverys are currently used in german simracing championships by our team, which is representing Grasser in the virtual world of motorsports...
  2. Benutzername

    GEAR Racing powered by GRT Grasser #19 1.4

    This is the new livery of the GEAR Racing powered by GRT Grasser - Team for the 2020 season. The all female line-up starts into the season with a ROARRRR!!; displaying a beautiful art car designed to look like comic pages. Personally I really loved the livery at first sight, so I decided to...
  3. ZEND

    IMSA 2018 - Lamborghini Huracan GT3 #11 & 19 - Grasser Racing Team 1.1

    Lamborghini_Huracan_gt3_GRT_by_ZEND - v 1 release date: 2019.05.27 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- download only from -------------------------------------------------------------------------- This skin recreates #11 & 19...
  4. mrleman

    GRT Grasser RAcing Team ADAC GT Masters 2018 V1.1 Final

    The last three missed skins of GRT team in order to complete 2018 season! Special thanks to: Baron3105 for providing his original .PSD file of the Blacnpain liveries and making nice previews gibsonhase for ADAC 2018 numberplates #19 Ezequiel Perez Companc, Marco Mapelli #63 Mirko Bortolotti ...