group 5

  1. Tecno_165

    Toyota Celica LB Turbo - Team Toyota Europe #89 1.0

    Driven by Kazuo Kobashigawa in 1978 for Team Toyota Europe based in England and Italy. I have included liveries for both the variants of the car.
  2. JCambell001

    This Capri... WOW

    The guys behind the Grand Touring Group 5 mod just released a preview of the amazing Ford Capri Turbo with the banned rear wing that it had in 1980... I can't wait!!!!! :) Maybe they are working with DRM Modding Team again? Does anyone know who modlled this?
  3. Tecno_165

    BMW 320i - Marlboro Team BMW #62 1.0

    Driven by Jonathan Stanley in 1979 for the Marlboro Team BMW based in North America.
  4. R3E Racing Club | Group 5 @ Watkins Glen - Saturday 09/01/21

    R3E Racing Club | Group 5 @ Watkins Glen - Saturday 09/01/21

    On-board footage from our R3E Racing Club here on RaceDepartment.
  5. Mathonner

    Toca Race Driver 3 skin pack for DRM Monastir Group 5 1.0

    I made a small skin pack for the DRM Monastir ( aka Lancia Beta Monte Carlo Group 5 ) from the DRM Revival mod, it ain't much but I hope you'll like it. It is inspired from the Toca Race Driver 3 game in which we could saw those paint jobs, as this game was part of my childhood ( well mostly...
  6. M

    Ford Capri Group5 - Zakspeed Jägermeister (+Drahu74 Edition) 2.0

    J +++Drahu74 Edition+++
  7. Kjell Eilertsen

    R3E R3E Racing Club

    Welcome to our first ever WTCC Monday in R3E, what better place to kick off this club racing than on the infamous Australian mountain, Bathurst Circuit? We can't promise any kangaroos, but the twisty and bumpy bits at the top of the mountain should offer challenge enough for most of us mere...
  8. RACEROOM VR : Group 5 Cars New Update Raced & Reviewed at Hockenheim

    RACEROOM VR : Group 5 Cars New Update Raced & Reviewed at Hockenheim

    Jason hits the track in RaceRoom in VR to try out the newly updated Group 5 cars which got a physics update in the latest build of RaceRoom. Now this turned ...
  9. PR0JECTNR56

    Lancia Stratos Gr. 5. Giro d'Italia Automobilistico 1977 #539 1.1

    Introduction: 1977 Giro d'Italia Automobilistico entry of Lancia. The 3D model comes with a few limitations due to it's age, however in overall it is still a quality improvement over the original skin with a number of brand new details. Installation: There are two skin options to choose from...
  10. Celtic Pharaoh

    AC DRM Revival @ Circuit de la Sarthe (Le Mans) - Fri 15Jun18

    The wait is over and now it's time to have a Revival. With the release of the great work from the DRM Modding Team we get to experience these fire breathing beasts with giant turbos, a lot of lag, accelerators that feel like detonators and the sound of the blow off valves huffing a puffing...
  11. Wil46

    Porsche 935 K3 DRM '79 Team Willeme #11 1.01

    drm_3h Folder
  12. Wil46

    Porsche 935 K2 3.0 DRM '77 Dick Barbour Racing #9 2018-05-02

    drm_1h_2 folder
  13. Wil46

    Porsche 935 K3 DRM '79 "24h Daytona 1981 n°1" 0.2

    Numéro un 24h Daytona 1981 (dossier drm_3h) 0.2 modif helmets and numbers
  14. Wil46

    Porsche 93578 'Moby Dick' DRM replica 0.1 0.2

    KS Porsche 935/78 'Moby Dick' folder ...
  15. Wil46

    Porsche 934.5/935_IMSA_SWAP_SHOP 1980 0.3

    Porsche 934.5/935_IMSA_SWAP_SHOP 1980 drm_3h folder .
  16. Wil46

    Porsche 935 K3 DRM '79 JOSET AKAI 0.3

    not replica , fun cars ...AKAI , juste pour le plaisir
  17. Wil46

    Porsche 935 K3 DRM '79 0.3

    Porsche 935 K3 DRM '79 Dick Barbour Racing #6 1980 , for fun ...
  18. Wil46

    Porsche 935 K3 DRM '79 De NARVAEZ Fictio... 0.2

    Porsche 935 K3 DRM '79 not réplica . just for fun.
  19. Paul Jeffrey

    DRM Revival Interview and All Cars Tested Video

    Following on from the DRM Revival 'First Drive' video, we take each and every car out for a spin and present a brief interview with the development team. If you missed our initial First Drive of DRM Revival mod for Assetto Corsa, be sure to check out the link HERE. Feedback from that short bit...