1. Andy-R

    GRC Public Server Bulletin

    To find the server search for "GRC" in multiplayer. Live Timing: Server Skin Pack:
  2. Paul Jeffrey

    Scott Speed, Global Rallycross and iRacing - New Video!

    Check out the new iRacing Global Rallycross Championship preview video, featuring multiple GRC champion and former Grand Prix driver Scott Speed! Speed has an enviable career behind him with success in junior formula open wheelers, time in Formula One, NASCAR drives and of course three Global...
  3. Andy-R

    GRC Skin Pack 1.96

    These skins were created by pctm, V8_KB & Andy-R. Installation: Vanilla cars: Select the content folder and unpack to: Program Files>Steam>Steam Apps>Common>Assetto Corsa Mod cars: Open the MODS folder and select which mod cars you wish to unpack. For the Mustang Boss SE open 2K or 4K folder...