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  1. gandalfthedwarf

    Bliss - ReShade for rFactor2 INI File 1.1

    [Accidentally put this in rFactor, not rFactor2 *facepalm*] Updated for Q2 2022, this ReShade file is built to enhance the rf2 graphics experience in day, night, rain, or shine. Please watch my YouTube videos if you need help installing these! Unzip, then place in your Bin64 folder ATTENTION...
  2. robnitro

    Disable HDR to prevent annoying dimness in game! 2019-02-24

    Fix the annoying light dimming up and down due to ambient light/headlights... This is called HDR and I loathe it in games! This is how: Go to your my documents folder Go into saved games/ my games folder Find dirt rally 2.0 folder go into hardwaresettings with notepad or other text editor, open...