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  1. CRLHistoricsModding

    Race Accurate Lotus Type 24 and 25 Skins 1.0

    After a long wait, CRL Historics Modding is back with another classic Lotus skinpack, featuring real liveries from the Type 24 and 25! Applied to the Kunos Lotus 25, these skins are researched to be as race accurate as possible. Included are team liveries from Team Lotus, Reg Parnell Racing...
  2. ninezeroniner

    GPL Lotus 49 - #666 Skull 0.1

    First of all, I'm sorry for this. Then, Happy Halloween. Whatever that means.
  3. C

    NART Ferrari 158 0.1

    As requested by Mark DENNY. The last two races of the 1964 F1 season, which took place in the US and Mexico, saw the red 158s of Ferrari painted in the American white-and-blue, and entered by Luigi Chinetti's NART outfit. How did that come to happen? Weeks before, the FIA had disqualified...
  4. THE Giulliano Larin

    Nurburgring 1967 Nordschleife Camtool Replay - GiuNiral 2021-04-07

  5. Chris Temperino

    Cars What happened to GPL 1500cc Mod?!?!

    I just recently reinstalled Assetto Corsa and rebuilt my mods but i noticed the 1500cc links aren't anywhere. What happened and or can anybody find me a link??
  6. M

    Grand Prix Legends

    Here you can find all you need for solve the youth problems of this game: OFFICIAL PATCHES: Grand Prix Legends Matrox G200 Support Patch: This is version 01 of the patch and therefore is still experiencing minor glitches... LINK: Download Grand Prix Legends Matrox G200 Support Patch from...