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  1. kevink63

    Side Lines and Pit Lane for Mount Panorama 60's v1.0

    Just a little help with sidelines to help keep the cars on the track a little better. Created a new pit lane. I think I found a small invisible object at apex of last turn, so I steered the cars a little wide of it there with the side line. Tested with GPL 1967, and various other GPL/TCL mods...
  2. kevink63

    AI for Monaco 1966 v1.0

    Reworked ai with sidelines and pit lanes. Tested at 100% strength and aggression with GPL 1967, and various ACL/TCL mods. I don't anticipate it working well with more modern, stiffer, and lower cars. First laps are always a little slow on tight tracks, especially if the grid size is large...
  3. F

    GPL-1967 Career mode (for the GPL-1967 mod) 1.0

    After getting the brilliant "GPL-MOD 1967" and getting hooked on classic F1, I went looking for a career mod that mimicked the '67 GP season, but couldn't find any. Perhaps not a sought after thing in the Assetto Corsa community, but I sat down and made my own career GP for it, and I thought I...