google earth

  1. AKF_FPV

    Birmingham Wheels offroad_gglmaps3d V3

    Ever wondered how a 3d google maps would look like in ac? -there u go. It is absolutely nightmare to drive but still fun for off road cars :) 10 pits, night lights. -car recomendation: the one with huge wheels and huge springs XD...
  2. Jurgen Gardenier

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Dirt Rally Atlas for Google Earth
  3. Gardner78

    Landscape on BTB

    Hello, It's possible to add a landscape from google earth on btb? what's are the passages? I'm doing a real open hillclimb track of Northern Italy and i'd love to add the real landscape around on the BTB project. what i have to do exactly? thank you! :)