1. Mark0

    TCR Portugal 2016 1.0

    Requirements: TCR/WTCR Mod by raul_ninja Race 07 with all DLC's or Race Injection Install instructions: Unzip, copy and replace files in yours game folder Credits: Simbin for Race 07/GTR Evolution/Race On/Race Injection SRCarvalho for TCR Series Mod + 2015 season + WTCR 2018 mod Merlin and...
  2. GeForce06

    WTCR 2021 Max Kruse Racing 24H #10 1.0

    Max Kruse Racing #10 VW Golf TCR by Tommy78 Fictional Driver Suit and Helmet included
  3. deCarera

    Copa Classic FL Gol clasica coupe liveries .9

    My first attempt at AMS 2 liveries. The first generation Scirocco/Golf coupe has always been one of my favorite Giugaro designs. Up until a recent RRE release, AMS 2 was the only game where I could drive one. The RRE version has way too much understeer but if your a fan of taming FWD lift...
  4. GeForce06

    (W)TCR VW Golf GTI TCR - Rowe Racing 1.0

    (W)TCR VW Golf GTI TCR - Rowe Racing (24H & ADAC TCR) Hope you like it :) Installation: extract to your Assetto Corsa root folder
  5. AadHofman

    Volkswagen Golf Mk2 GTi (Eriksson/Diekmann, Sanremo 1986) 1.0

    The problem with this skin is that the car didn't have side bumpers back then (first rally with the 16V version). Now there is only one small patch of skinnable texture for both sides of the bumber, and even smaller for the stripe that goes all around the car (red in default). So if you make it...
  6. safi hellie

    tcr golf gti estrella fictional skin. 2019-09-24

    First ever skin, fictional for roll overs tcr golf gti.
  7. skl1984

    Kirianitakis Cyta rally Crete 2014 Golf GTI V.1

    Kirianitakis Cyta rally Crete 2014 Golf GTI Install: Just unzip the folder in the cars folder in game directory Hope you likle it
  8. cebeuno

    VW Golf MK1 1980 [v.RS] 1.01

    //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// At the end of the description are the files for the update 1.01 Do not download the mod again if you already have it. ///////////////////// VW Golf MK1 1980 v.RS [FWD] Turbo/Intercooler...
  9. T

    Templates H2 FWD Class for DR2.0 2019-03-03

    The files include both external body and windows template. Cars Included: Golf GTI 205 GTi
  10. Emà!!!

    WTCR 2018 Skin Pack 0.9

    Hi everybody, this is my first upload on RD! Here we have a 4K skin pack for the TCR PACK V2 By The Rollovers (Alfa Giulietta, Audi RS3, Subaru WRX, Honda Civic, Ford Focus VW Golf GTI) and for the Shaun Clarke's Seat Leon TCR. The TCR PACK V2 is not on RD, so you can google to