german plates

  1. velofosse

    German format "Audi" Number Plates 2016-06-28

    The plates are based on genuine format of the town of Aue in Saxony (Sachsen). Place the and the inthe file within the skin folder for each car colour or type etc. If there are identical files already there then they need to be cut and saved elswhere before copying...
  2. velofosse

    German Number Plate Kit ver.2

    For those of you with Photoshop and why not have a go at making your own German numberplates. Most of what you need is in the file including area codes , license seals, fonts and instructions along with lots of useful images to make authentic plates.
  3. velofosse

    German Nurburg Number Plates 2016-06-27

    3 German car number/license plates using authentic numbering structures and font style. The badges are also authentic. RPL= Rhineland Palatinate State (Rheinland-Pfalz Land)in which Nurburg is located. Copy and paste the and the files of each individual number iton...
  4. velofosse

    Assorted German Number Plates 0.1.1

    More assorted German number plates in authentic font with instructions for use with Assetto Corsa and modded cars where plates can be used.Instruction file included.I have gone through all the plates and have hopefully removed all misalignment issues.
  5. velofosse

    German Number Plates for Gumpert Apollo Final Plus

    The plates are in authentic German text and all prefixed with the area of Altenburg where the car was made. Choose your plate and copy file and file into one of the car colour options in the skin folder. Obviously these can be used on other cars in Assetto Corsa by...
  6. velofosse

    German Number Plates for Gumpert Apollo 2016-07-04

    The German car licence plates are all prefixed with ABG which is the town of Altenburg where the Gumpert Apollo factory is. The emission stickers currently 2015. These can be used on any vehicle of your choosing within Assetto Corsa. Copy and paste the and the files in...