1. R

    Minimal Gear Display 1.2.1

    Just displays the current gear you are on. Github:
  2. S

    How to limit power in certain gear?

    So like the title says I'm interested in how to, if even possible to limit power in certain gears. A lot of cars do that including my S63 and even the 488 does, which is in AC. I don't really care about setting up precise torque curve for every gear (like in power.lut), but more like, limiting...
  3. Fabio Pittol

    Lamborghini Huracan Evo - GEAR Racing - IMSA'20 (Pop Art) 1.0

    Hi everyone, Here's one cool looking Huracan Evo, based on the Grasser Racing entry for the GEAR Racing Program meant to be run thru 2020. This livery, originally created by Andy Blackmore Design, aims to replicate a comic book pop art style, which turned great. I had to make some adjustments...
  4. K

    Sell Thrustmaster TS-PC base with custom wheels and quick release system

    $800 Shipped to continental US Gently used Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer wheel base equipped with full functional quick release system and 5 additional wheels Equipped with a custom quick release system which is much easier and faster than traditional Thrustmaster mounting system. Works like a...
  5. Benutzername

    GEAR Racing powered by GRT Grasser #19 1.4

    This is the new livery of the GEAR Racing powered by GRT Grasser - Team for the 2020 season. The all female line-up starts into the season with a ROARRRR!!; displaying a beautiful art car designed to look like comic pages. Personally I really loved the livery at first sight, so I decided to...
  6. I

    PC2 Stuck on Grid / Stuck in Pits Transmission not Working.

    Hi All, Running PC2 via Steam on PC. When I start the SIM no matter what form of racing I choose, after the game loads I cannot move the car at all. The gear shifts work, the engine will rev but the car will not move in any direction, pit limiter on or off same result. The issue happens...
  7. Rupert the bear

    Razer Chroma Shift Lights 1.0

    If you have a Razer Chroma keyboard and/or mouse, then this application will utilize them as RPM indicators. It will also display your current gear to the number row and whether or not traction control and abs is enabled represented by an illuminated 't' and 'a' respectively. The colour of the...
  8. N0tiC

    [Depricated] MySummerMultiMod 1.2

    Welcome to MySummerMultiMod Version 1.2! Discontinued! NOT WORKING WITH NEWEST VERSION! (2019) !UPDATED VERSION >HERE<!:ninja: This mod was not, initially, created to be release but It has grown and now got potential so I'm sharing! It is currently in testing phase so report everything you...
  9. Zando

    MGP17 how would you change the game physics?

    I'm in contact with Milestone for tips about the physics on the game. I saw many mod that try to do a more realistic physics in game. What for you not work well in the game? The grip on curbs?, stability in acceleration or in braking? suspensions, gear reaction ecc? What for you not is realistic...
  10. niccotaglia

    Ruscko gear suggestion (Read description) 03-12-17

    THIS MOD IS MEANT TO BE INSTALLED WITH CHROME'S TEXTURE IMPORTER! Read this if you don't know what this mod is Back when tachometers weren't commonly used in cars, to let drivers know when to shift, there were indicators on the speedometer telling the driver what gear they should be using. This...