1. X

    XIV - Gaps 1.2

    What is it ? It's a Simhub overlay that display the gap with your direct opponents (same car class) based on the leaderboard. It shows you the gap evolution over a lap too. How to read it ? The first car of the list, is your direct opponent ahead. The third car of the list is your direct...
  2. G4ndY

    Infopanel++ 1.1

    New Infopanel based on the Essentials from AC. Added a frame around the speed panel to show when engine is on, added color to the tyres showing heat in colors and just not numbers, also added a Damage panel although this one is in early stages and might not work 100% accurate. Dash 1 Dash...
  3. Suzy_Hiroshi

    Battle Distance Meter 2.0

    Ver.2.0 Add second mode Simpley app to display the distance and driver name of the car behind and ahead. Caution! Does not work without ''