g920 problems

  1. farthindret

    G920 Losing ffb when tab

    Hello I have searched everyone was for this problem but can not find anything about it I use cm and when I'm in single / multiplayer and tab out of the game I lose my wheel fbb and have to go out and join the server / game again and its working until I do the same thing again. Anyone now...
  2. J

    Logitech gaming software and hub not detecting g920?

    Hi guys, I've got an issue with both the logitech hub and gaming software. Neither detect the wheel being connected even though windows does. Both are up to date. both are 64bit. and i've tried restarting the PC and uninstalling and reinstalling both software at least 5 times. I've also tried...
  3. E

    How to upgrade from G920 - Recommendations?

    Long-term goal Ever since I met RasmusP, and he told me about his personal transformation after upgrading from a G920 to a ClubSport base and BMW GT2 wheel, it has been my dream to get a Clubsport setup. After researching all of their wheels, the Porsche 918 wheel seems perfect for me. I'm also...
  4. S

    I need help please. rFactor and G920 are not playing well together.

    Okay, I have the G920, I have the Logitech Gaming Software 8.96.81 installed, and I have a profile for rFactor 2. The game recognizes the wheel and pedals in the set up, and everything seems fine, until I go to race. In the car, in the garage, the virtual wheel in the cockpit is turned fully to...
  5. R

    Logitech G920 works well on Xbox but not PC, why?

    I have recently built myself a PC to have compatibility with serious simracing titles. In years 2008-2013 I used to race on GTR2, GTL and P&G V3. For the last 2 years, I have used an Xbox One, as I wasn't able to invest in a proper rig. The console was paired with a Logitech G920 + Logitech...