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  1. Pasta2000

    Honda S800 - Funabashi 1967 #7 1.0

    Simple but striking livery for the Honda S800 RSC! As seen at the All Japan Automobile Club Competition series held on 1967/01/14 and 1967/01/15, this is the Honda that appeared in the S class tournament. Driven by Yoshifumi Kikura, he would put down quite the performance on the Funabashi...
  2. Pasta2000

    Tojiro Ukiya's Lotus Elan 1965 1.0

    Tojiro Ukiya is one of the most legendary drivers in Japan, yet barely known outside of Japan mainly due to his untimely death in 1965. This Lotus Elan was sponsored by Toyota (TMSC) to race in the GT-II class race during the 1965 Japan Automobile Club CCC Tournaments around the newly built...