fuel consumption

  1. X

    XIV - Assistant 1.0

    What is it ? It's a Simhub overlay that assists you in realtime during a race. It provides usefull information about the race progression and helps you to define your pit strategy. The most important thing to know ! If you watch the timeline and see orange + red marker, that means you can't...
  2. M

    Fuel consumption v0.2

    A simple first plugin I made to get some experience on it, it shows a lap counter, the 3 last laps you did and how much fuel you used on each one, an overall consumption and the average of all laps
  3. DND

    Fuel Consumption

    To calculate my race fuel I use my practice lap times to the overall race length and set the amount of fuel laps, generally I can get it within 2 laps. This weekend I missed it by so much in my practice race distance I thought I made a mistake. But after replicating it in the race I knew...