1. Paul Jeffrey

    RaceRoom Racing Experience: New Update and FR90 Released

    Historic Grand Prix cars are here in RaceRoom Racing Experience! A new update for R3E has dropped today, and as well as including a nice number of new fixes, tweaks and improvements, the latest build release from Sector3 Studios is probably most notable for the deployment of some new DLC...
  2. Paul Jeffrey

    R3E: Formula RaceRoom 90 Talk 'n' Drive

    The epic 90's era open wheel Formula RaceRoom 90 is coming to RaceRoom Racing Experience very soon, and we go out on track and give it a whirl. Now I'll have to admit open wheel cars aren't always my car of choice when going sim racing these days, but the idea of a car loosely based on a very...
  3. Paul Jeffrey

    Formula RaceRoom 90 Coming to R3E Next Update

    Sector3 Studios have confirmed their latest open wheel car is coming to the sim - rejoice historic racing fans! Although the FR90 is a 'fantasy' design, it doesn't take much imagination to make the connection between the FR90 and very early 1990's era Formula One machinery - much to the joy of...