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formula x

  1. Feint

    Ferrari FX/17 Skin 1.0

    Happy Holidays! Building on @garyjpaterson's great FX/17, I have created a skin based on several different Ferrari F1 liveries from throughout the years. I spent many long hours on this, so I hope you enjoy the small details and easter eggs throughout. Two skins are included, #1 and #2. I...
  2. B

    Alfa Romeo 2019 F1 Car C38 For Formula X 1.0

    Alfa Romeo's 2019 car C38 livery for formula x made by JooM
  3. X

    Formula X Amorphis livery 1.0

    My fan custom livery for Formula X, from the cover of the 'Queen of Time' album, by Amorphis (www.amorphis.net). Original artwork by Jean ”Valnoir” Simoulin from Metastazis. 1. Extract the formula_x_livery_amorphis.rar file 2. Replace the existing formula_x_livery.dds in...
  4. DaBomb330

    PC2 Setup: Formula X @ Spa | 1:43.2

  5. DaBomb330

    PC2 Setup: Project Cars 2 Formula X @ Indy Road Course