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formula hybrid 2020 skins

  1. I

    RSS Formula Hybrid 2020 | Bar Honda F1 Last Blast Farewell Livery 1

    As the final official year for Honda in Formula 1, this livery is dedicated to Honda Racing F1 and its fans. This is the livery from the Bar Honda F1 car when Lucky Strike left Formula 1. Included are 4 livery sets all of which are the Lucky Strike alternative liveries: Racing Revolution Last...
  2. Thales_98

    Teku livery for Formula Hybrid 2020 1.0

    This is a skin based on the on the team of drivers Teku from the 2005 Hot Wheels Acceleracers movies. It was suggested to me to use Mazda as the engine supplier since the team leader drives a car with a rotary engine. Includes the helmets and racing suits based on the characters' outfits...
  3. sickopaul

    Project Simulation Italia (Platinum / Obsidian) - Formula Hybrid 2020 1.0

    Hi everyone! Wanted to share with you some showcase skins I made for me and my teammates, simple plain black and white skins. I worked only on the RGB map to obtain this matte/lucid effect which stands out with different lighting angles. Hope you'll enjoy it! N.B. The skins are made using ARGB...
  4. Chris91Design

    RSS Formula Hybrid 2020 - Ferrari 310B Michael Schumacher - Skin [2k - 4k - 8k] 1.3

    If you like my work, and if you want to support me, please donate to this PayPal.me link. Click the link at the top of the page. Ferrari 310B Michael Schumacher My Ferrari 310b skin also on the 2020 Race Sim Studio version. Hope you like it :) I present the my skin of the Ferrari 310B...
  5. Rhys Hitchings

    Alpine Livery 3.0

    Alpine Formula 1 Livery for the RSS Formula Hybrid 2020
  6. Rhys Hitchings

    Lancia Martini Livery - RSS Formula Hybrid 2020 . 1.0

    My latest livery for the RSS Formula Hybrid 2020. It's LANCIA! I know they're not really as cool as they were back in the day but on well.
  7. J

    Sbinalla Skin for RSS Formula Hybrid 2020 2020-08-02

    Just a fun little skin I made in my free time. Working on more skins soon. :)