formula hybrid 2017

  1. AlbertGeorge

    British American Racing BAR Honda concept livery for RSS Formula Hybrid 2017 0.95

    Hi everyone! This is my 3rd livery mod for Assetto Corsa. Check out my other work too if you're interested (: The British American Racing liveries are one of my favourites in Formula 1, so I thought about recreating them on a modern Formula 1 car. This is my final product. I took most of my...
  2. josap11

    FH17 Mercedes W08 2019 Demo livery 1.21

    The Mercedes W08 EQ Power+ demo livery! With the new updates by RSS to the RSS Formula Hybrid 2017 I wanted to update, or rather make, the Mercedes liveries used in 2017 on the Mercedes-AMG F1 W08 EQ Power+. Usually it just looks wrong if you put a livery on a car it doesn't belong on but when...
  3. KarneUSZ

    Alpha Tauri AT02 2021 skins for Formula Hybrid 2017 1.0

    Hello, in continuation of my little project i am posting Alpha Tauri skins. Hope you will like it!
  4. KarneUSZ

    Mclaren MCL35M 2021 skins for Formula Hybrid 2017 1.0

    Hello! I would like to share with you a little project I was working on. I made newly announced Mclaren Liveries for RSS Formula Hybrid 2017! Hope you will like it.
  5. nihilus99

    Formula Hybrid 2017 West McLaren Mercedes 2019-04-04

    West McLaren Mercedes skin for Formula Hybrid 2017. Just put skins in your Formula Hybrid 2017 skins folder
  6. C

    Cars Formula RSS 3 by Race Sim Studio

    Race Sim Studio RSS is proud to announce its next arrival in its formula series, the Formula RSS3 2019 project.... Once completed this car will be available to everyone for free download via our shop! WIP By @garyjpaterson 10/02/2019 please stay tuned for more announcements and wip...
  7. nihilus99

    Formula Hybrid 2017 Toyota Racing 2018-12-27

    My first skin for AC. Here many 2000x F1 skins, but no Toyota Racing yet. Now it released. Put this in your skins Formula hybrid folder
  8. K

    Skins Create my own skins - Formula Hybrid 2017

    Hi, I want to create my own livery for the Formula Hybrid 2017. I download the 3D template provide by RSS on RD, but when I open the template on GIMP, I only see the front of the car in 3D, nothing else. Do you know how to create your own skin with that or a tutorial on Internet. I look for...
  9. T

    Skin Alfa Romeo Sauber (Formula Hybrid 2017) 1.01

    I did the painting of the Alfa Romeo Sauber in the chassis of the Formula Hybrid 2017. Install: copy the folders to the directory where the game is installed, in my case it is here: C: \ Program Files \ steam \ steamapps \ Assetto Corsa \ content \ cars \ rss_formula_hybrid_2017 \ skins.
  10. davewilliams000

    Formula Hybrid 2017 Dash for SimHub 1.2

    My first dashboard for dash studio in the excellent SimHub (by Wotever). I've recreated my Formula Hybrid 2017 dash as seen in my Nextion template, but with much much more detail as dash studio isn't as limited as Nextion - I have now included all the small items that I didn't even notice...
  11. ivancayuelas97


    This is my first skin I'm making, I don't really know what to put on the sidepods, will update it as ideas come, every sugestion or advice is well received, I wanna improve and get better. ;) Thanks for watching!
  12. johnorton09

    RSS Formula Hybrid Mclaren-Porsche 1

    Fantacy skin
  13. Rex Racer 65

    Monza AI Magic?

    So, with F1 at Monza this weekend, I've been doing single player racing there with the RSS Formula Hybrid & full 2017 skin pack, which is really cool. But the AI just sale through both Lesmo corners with what seems like "magic grip". No matter how I attack those corners, I just don't have enough...
  14. RoboSheep

    Ford F1 Team for Formula Hybrid 2017 2.0

    The is a livery based on the original U.S. racing colors of white and blue stripes updated for a Formula One 2017 car. The Ford team has decided to pay homage to their racing roots with the Shelby American Inc. logo being present on the front and rear wings. Ford also has several sponsors from...