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    F2 2018 Season MOD [PART 1 & Main Thread] 1.4

    This is my F1 2018 F2 Mod, this mod will change the current F1 Grid with the 2018 Season F2 Teams. DOWNLOAD EVERY PART WHEN A NEW UPDATE COMES OUT OR THE MOD WON'T WORK. The goal is to release a full F2 mod with all the drivers, suits, team files, etc. The model used is the fom_car model so...
  2. Rogerson Roller

    Mclaren Renault MP4-34 - 2019 - Lando Norris - Formula Hybrid Assetto Corsa - PC 1.0

    Partially metallic and partially matte. Install: Extract and copy the folder ''Mclaren_MP4-34'' to the directory where the game is installed, in my case it is here: C: \ Program Files \ steam \ steamapps \ Assetto Corsa \ content \ cars \ rss_formula_hybrid_2018 \ skins. Mclaren Renault MP4-34...
  3. Noy

    McLaren 650S GT3 - McLaren F1 2018 (MCL33) inspired livery 1.1

    A simple livery I made based on the current Papaya McLaren F1 MCL33. Feedback is welcome ! Enjoy ! Update 1.1 : Sightly resized some logos Replace some logos with their higher resolution counterpart Added back the carbon fiber effect on the aero bits Added a lighter, sightly lower resolution...
  4. Paul Ad

    Formula Hybrid 2018 * CANADA GP 2018 * Hotlap + setup [1:11:022]

  5. Paul Ad

    ACFL 2018 * Monaco GP * Hotlap + setup

  6. Paul Ad

    Formula Hybrid 2018 * Monaco GP * Hotlap + setup

  7. Tortorpetrolhead

    Monaco GP Track Guide 2018-05-27

    This updates the track guide for the Monaco GP to the 2018 version. Sorry its not the best. I'm kinda bad at video editing. Put the file in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\F1 2017\videos\track_map
  8. erosshd

    USF2000 | McLaren 2018 F1 1

    Hi guys, I just made the McLaren Renault livery for the USF2000. To install simply drag the files from the .zip to "rFactor 2\UserData\player\Settings\USF2000_2016" If you find any type of fault just tell me =D If you liked my work you can donate me to buy a monster and make the skins you...
  9. Moectopus

    Haas VF18 1.2

    Ahoy ye scallywags! Th' kraken returns from th' sea t' give ye another loot: Th' Haas VF18! As a big fan o' th' Haas F1 Team 'n th' 2018's season I was surprised ye humans haven't done so much 2018 carskins fer F1 2016. So I decided t' loot this heavy burden off yer wee shoulders 'n here we go...
  10. Paul Ad

    Assetto Corsa * Formula Hybrid 2018 * Azerbaijan GP * 1:37:413 [hotlap + setup] 2018-04-29

    Formula Hybrid 2018 * Azerbaijan GP * 1:37:413 [hotlap + setup] For a fast lap I used the "balanced high" mode, in order to get the last full energy on the long straight in "overtake mode", because in hotlap mode the energy is not sufficient for a full round.
  11. Paul Ad

    setup for ACFL 2018 Ferrari SF71-H Bahrain GP 2018-04-08

    my setup for the ACFL 2018 mod at Bahrain_Night LapTime: 1:26:780 for more info visit the youtube video description
  12. formulaHEINE

    2018 Haas VF-18 - RSS Formula Hybrid 2018 [HD + 4K + 2K] 3.0

    !!! Click HERE for V3 update info and screenshots !!! This skinpack recreates the 2018 Haas F1 VF-18 livery for the Formula Hybrid 2018 mod by Race Sim Studio for Assetto Corsa. The pack features detailed car and logos textures, Pirelli tire textures, bespoke pit textures and driver helmets...
  13. leclettico

    RSS Formula Hybrid 2018 - SKIN COLOR REFERENCES 1.1

    I thought of making a Skin Color Reference livery for those who want to make skins for this beauty. I think its color coding could help in the "orientation". I chose to not delete the RSS Alpha with the sponsor text because this base work it's not my property, and I think the decision belongs...
  14. Rostislaw

    F12018 Database 1.03

    Mod for Skyfall F1-2018 Gold Edition Сommand types : 1 tier : Mercedes, Ferrari, RedBull 2 tier : Williams, Force India,McLaren,Renault (Lotus) 3 tier : Haas(Caterham), Torro Rosso, Sauber 4 tier : Manor(for those who have not removed the team from the game) Max speed(test in Monca with DRS)...
  15. mango96

    ACFL BETA 2018 - RENAULT RS 18 SKIN 1.0

    HEY GUYS! Here is my skin mod for ACFL BETA 2018, of the new RENAULT RS-18! hope you enjoy my work, and please subscribe into my youtube channel ;) here is my video of it!
  16. Kjell81d

    Circuit Paul Ricard Official DRS Zones 3.1

    Extract to main AC folder.
  17. formulaHEINE

    Haas VF-18 - RSS Formula Hybrid 2017 [4K + 2K + HD] 1.1

    This skinpack recreates the 2018 Haas F1 VF-18 livery for the Formula Hybrid 2017 mod for Assetto Corsa. The pack features car textures with carbon effect, Pirelli tire textures, bespoke pit textures and driver helmets. The custom car textures are matching the standard version of the car-mod...