ford gt40

  1. FFF789

    Ford GT40 Mk I sound mod 1.0

    Ford GT40 Mk I - 289 sound mod Main source for onboard sounds And external sounds from various videos by youtube channels: 19Bozzy92, Belgian Motorsports, Marchettino and Goodwood Road & Racing My sound demo (quick low quality video): This is my first sound mod...
  2. Pasta2000

    Ford GT40 Historical Skinpack 2023-1

    One of the most iconic cars of the 60s, the Ford GT40, raced all around the globe for the better part of half a decade. In this pack are 45 such examples. I've chosen to do only entrants from 1968 up to 1970, to match the model MkI ingame. All skins have been converted to BC1 4K, for better...
  3. M1GHTY M4VS

    Ford GT40 GTL-GTR2 Sounds by elMariachi90 1.0f

    Reupload from NoGrip Ford GT40 Sounds for the GTL-GTR2 Mod which could be found here
  4. Tecno_165

    Ford GT40 - Esso Racing Team #165 1.0

    Driven by Alfred Hopkins in 1969 for the Esso Racing Team based in England and North America.
  5. GT3RSAss

    Skin pack Ford GT40 1.0

    Skins based on real cars that you can see at historic racing events like Goodwood Revival, Tour Auto with stickers and numbers. Tire textures are not included in this pack. They can be found here : Merry Christmas !
  6. 1966 Can Am Complete Mod Collection & Championship for Assetto Corsa

    1966 Can Am Complete Mod Collection & Championship for Assetto Corsa

    This Mod Collection includes 6 tracks and 5 cars: Mont-Tremblant, Bridgehampton, Mosport, Laguna Seca, Riverside, & Stardust race tracks; and the Lola T70 Mk...
  7. chili pepper

    Ford GT40 - Livery Skinpack 0.95

    Presenting a 13 livery pack for Assetto Corsa's Ford GT40. This pack contains updated versions of my 10 previously released GT40 skins as well as 3 new skins, all based on actual cars. Aside from the main car liveries, the pack also includes a revised set of branded tires and wheels for each...