ford escort mk1

  1. carmar

    Ford Escort MK1, 17 cars skinpack,2k+3k+4k v1.6

    All my skins for the Ford Escort in one package. Have fun with it! carmar Content: - Team Dr. Helmut Stein, No. 70, v1.2 - Ford RSK Motorsport, No. 53, v1.2 - Ford Chevron, No. 19, v1.0 - Team Jean Todt, No. 29, 1.0 - Rüddel Racing, No. 785, 1.0 - Rüddel Racing, No. 787, 1.0 - Zakspeed Racing...
  2. carmar

    Ford Escort Rüddel Racing No.785 2k+3k+4k 1.0

  3. J

    ks_ford_escort_mk1 Tour de Corse 1973 ,Guy Chasseuil. 1.0

    For rally lovers... Soon I'll update a new rally track in Corsica.... So, I begin to add some skins for this legendary race....
  4. shadow118

    [HOONIGAN] Ford Escort MK1 1,1

    Ken Block's Hoonigan Escort. The original is a MK2, in AC we have a MK1, so I made it for that instead. Was happy to find out that the Escort had properly mapped window textures, with nothing mirrored or overlapping. Added white walls on the tires to give the illusion of bigger rims
  5. jingsha

    Ford Escort MK1 Rockstar Energy 1.0

  6. LeSunTzu

    Ford Escort Mk1 - Chevron-Ford Racing Team - Yvette Fontaine - John Fitzpatrick - Spa 24h 1969 2016-11-20

    Includes both Fontaine's and Fitz' outfit and helmet.
  7. jingsha

    Ford Escort Mk1 LeMans 1969 1.0

    Hi, everybody! This skin was made for the 1969 Le Mans race car the Ford GT40. I hope you'll like it! :)
  8. jingsha

    Ford Escort Mk1 Hoonigan Racing 1.0

    Hi, everybody! I hope you like my new skin. :)
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