1. xSimputti

    KOSKENKORVA (Booze Texture) 1.0

    Koskenkorva is a very famous alcoholic "vodka" in FInland. NOTE: THIS TEXTURE DOES NOT CHANGE ANY TEXTURES TO LIQUERSTORE MOD BOOZE BOTTLES OR CASES!! -----Installation----- -Open Unity Assets Explorer -Press "Open assets-file", Choose Shaderassets3.assets -Find "shaderassets3/booze_bottle.tex"...
  2. T

    Marvel skin for satsuma 2018-11-19

    Marvel skin for satsuma, my first skin easy on the hate :) enjoy though i like it doing pokemon next.. 1. put car.png in images in your root my summer car folder 2. run the game 3. MUST HAVE CUSTOM PAINT JOB FROM FLEETARI