first mod

  1. C

    [WIP] Mount Gambier Circuit 0.2

    Hello from South Australia! *THIS IS MY FIRST MOD* I decided to make a racetrack around one of our states most beautiful features, the Lakes Complex in Mount Gambier. Featuring a varied landscape and a lake that changes colour in different seasons, who knew that racing around a 6.2km rendition...
  2. Atriox21

    Yellow Nosed White Bull 1.2

    COPY/PASTE ONLY This is my first mod so let me know how i did :)
  3. Raihan Najla`


    This is my first mod
  4. A

    LOTUS F1 Team 2012 suit skin 1.1.0

    Included is the Team kit for Lotus F1 team in 2012, the boots and cap are not copied and I have just improvised but the suit is made to standard. Instructions for ERP install: Replace the racenet suit livery d file with my one with the cap files and boot files, Replace the logo d file with the...
  5. D

    2nd Sofa 1.0

    Just a simple Mod which adds a second sofa{Default located in living room of the house} its quite ugly due to the fact this is my first and i have little modding experience. Hope you enjoy it