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  1. devil99kiiing

    How to search for mods, on this EXCELLENT web page?

    Man I had a great idea once.. It's a place where you write things in.. like what you want. and then it finds it for you.. like I need ks_nordschleife/touristenfahrten right? so.. I type ks_nordschleife/touristenfahrten.. and it gives me ks_nordschleife/touristenfahrten.. that would be awesome...
  2. Ghiaman1334

    General F1 mods?

    Hi all, Long post, hope this doesn't sound too demanding, I'd just love some help. So, this may be a weird thing to do, but I'm attempting to set up a sort of F1 mega-campaign on Assetto Corsa, with F1 cars and mods and tracks continuously over the years from as far back as possible. I've been...