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  1. Schmuckiiii

    Extract MAS files

    There is a way to export stock car extreme .MAS files? All the GMTs get corrupted when I try to do it with the rFactor 1 MAS.exe
  2. U

    AMS 2 | Dedicated Server Config Files 1.0

    Since people seem to be struggling to get AMS 2 servers up and running, I'm uploading the config files which we use here on RaceDepartment for others to use. I've formatted the main config file to be easier to read and added text descriptions for most of the sections. All can be tweaked and...
  3. Graham Laing

    F1 2016 Modding Questions Thread

    This thread is for F1 2016 modding questions only. If you have technical questions, please post in this thread and nowhere else. Thanks :) Note: Current uploaded file size limit increased to 500 MB per file, effective 1st May 2017