ffb assetto corsa

  1. guivencato

    G29 Softer FFB, most accurate.

    Hey guys, i've configured my g29 wheel and I think the configuration is very good to drive without force so much the wheel. If you guys liked or have any sugestion to do, please, give the feedback! :) Hope you like.
  2. motopreserve

    Sim Commander freezing

    I’m running an Accuforce V2 using Sim Commander software to create the the FFB profile for Assetto Corsa (Content Manager launcher). I have the feel fairly well dialed in. Double click the icon on main page to start the CM session using that profile. All is well until about 3/4 through short...
  3. J

    Assetto Corsa FFB troubles

    Ive been playing assetto corsa for a while now, used to play on my T300, now my TS-PC. The force feed back was meh at the start, and then got better when i did the lut method. Then suddenly im having the problem that the wheel locks to the center and requires force to get out of the middle, then...
  4. S

    Issues with FFB oscillation and brake sensitivity

    Hi! I'm new to Assetto Corsa, but not sim racing in general. Before i start explaining the issues, let me just say that I have searched the forums and google for solutions, but nothing has worked. This is kind of a last resort before I give up on the game. When playing Assetto Corsa, my ffb...
  5. dave kirk

    FFB question

    Hi, I have looked through some of the other posts I could find concerning this but there seems to be some conflicting answers, What settings work best for SPRING and DAMPER I have tried 0% - 50% - 100% and although I like the weighty feel of 100% more I am definitely losing some of the subtle...
  6. bbspadon

    Tutorial FFB ASSETTO CORSA (only french for now) 0.5

    A simple and effective tutorial for good FFB in ASSETTO CORSA. (French only for the moment, translation will come soon) It's only the 0.5, please be tolerant ;-) You need FFBClip : http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/ffbclip-app.7910/ (thanks a lot for this amazing App Atle Dreier) Un tuto...