1. Bending_Bender

    RSS GT Ferrucio 57 - FIA GT 2005 - G.P.C Sport #3 - Rd. 1 Monza 1.0

    Hi, this is the Ferrari 575 GTC run by G.P.C Sport at the 2005 FIA GT opening race in Monza. The car was prepared by N-Technology and didn't have the full livery for the race like its sister car. Unfortunately it crashed with the Nr. 15 Maserati MC12 and retired afterwards. Thanks to chrisi2174...
  2. nsss

    RSS GT Ferrucio 55 - Prodrive #65 24h Le Mans '04 v1.0

    Livery for RSS GT Ferrucio 55 Prodrive Racing #65 - 24h Le Mans 2004 2k and 4k :) If you find some mistakes let me know.:) Some preview images have wrong tires, I found that out after taking screenshots. Correct tires can be seen on first image.