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    Ferruccio EGT Skin Pack 1.0

    Ferruccio EGT Skin Pack by Skyline Design (Fictional) You will need the following mod for this skin to work, AC EGT by United Racing Design Install the file into this location: assettocorsa\content\cars Be sure to check out Skyline Design on Facebook for more designs or follow my work on...
  2. H

    RSS GTN Ferrari 360 Scuderia Ecosse #93 1.1

    Scuderia Ecosse livery for RSS GTN Ferruccio 36 aka Ferrari 360 GTC
  3. dj_hans

    RSS GTN Ferrari Red Bull Team skins 1.1

    Skins inspired by the Ferrari 360 Modena GT "Red Bull" 24h Daytona.
  4. dj_hans

    RSS GTN Ferrari Virgo Motorsport skin 1.0

    Virgo Motorsport inspired skin for RSS GTN Ferruccio.
  5. H

    RSS GTN Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro 360 1.0

    Skin for RSS GTN Ferruccio 36 inspired by Ferrari F1 cars of the era, F2004 in particular. Tires from Simtex megapack, though edited. Includes some interior textures by @DrLimerep
  6. S

    2003 ALMS - JMB Racing 360 GTC - RSS Ferruccio 36 0.8

    JMB Racing Ferrari 360 GTC. Still unfinished for the time being, missing one logo on the sideskirts. Most pictures for this car are low res, so there might be some inaccuracies. Credit for the interiors go to @DrLimerep Previews
  7. H

    RSS GTN Ferrari 360 Rotary Swing #112 1.1

    Rotary Swing livery, this car is from 2001 Ferrari challenge. For RSS GTN Ferruccio 36
  8. H

    RSS GTN Ferrari 360 Acemco #63 and #64 1.1

    Acemco Motorsports Petit Le Mans liveries for RSS GTN Ferruccio 36 aka Ferrari 360 GTC.
  9. dead end

    RSS GT Ferruccio 55/Ferrari 550 - 2003 FIA GT Championship 1.0

    https://www.instagram.com/deadendgt/ The last GTR2 / 2003 FIA GT Championship cars (finally!) 2003 FIA GT Championship Ferrari 550 GTS Maranello for the RSS Ferruccio 55 (http://racesimstudio.com/) Care Racing #21 BMS Scuderia Italia #22 Weith Racing #16 JMB Racing #9 & #10 files go here -...
  10. Raffi_M

    Ferrari 550 GTS Maranello Gulf Racing #942 (VLN 2017) 1.0

    2K and 4K versions included.
  11. Punk Potato

    RSS Ferruccio 55 (Ferrari 550) - (FANTASY) #65 Ken Bell ADRL 1.0

    Livery made for ADRL driven by Ken Bell #65
  12. Punk Potato

    RSS Ferruccio 55 (Ferrari 550) - (FANTASY) #7 #8 Team Pentel Galaxy 1.2

    Pastel coloured fantasy livery that I made for my team to race in ADRL RSS GT1 league.
  13. NCIS

    URD EGT Ferruccio ,Formula Racing Le Mans 2016 1.0

    Formula Racing colors of this year Le Mans 24 hour race... I hope you enjoy it. "NCIS" ***Requires UnitedRacingDesign's EGT mod***