ferrari f138

  1. MegaRacingHD

    Realistic T-Cams for Kunos Ferraris (F138, SF15-T, SF70H) 0.9

    Realising my own made T-Cams for the three Kunos Ferraris (F138, SF15-T, SF70H). I tried to repliace the real T-Cam views by editing the ingame T-Cam of those three cars to make it look as realistic as possible. Before you start: Make sure you backup all the data.acd files which are located in...
  2. Erbinator

    Ferrari F138 for F-Reiza 1.0

    THIS IS INCLUDED IN THE F-REIZA PACK ALONG WITH OTHER 2011-2014 SKINS HERE: This contains 2 Ferrari F138 skins. Alonso and Massa. Livery was originally from the 2013 season but I adapted it. F-Reiza is loosely based on the...
  3. Bobby Pennington

    AC Ferrari F138 @ Mugello - Sat 24Feb18

    Trying something new. Saturday will now be a race day again, but it will be at 20:00GMT / 15:00EST to see if we can get bigger and more consistent grids. This week we take the Ferrari F138 to Mugello. The race will be 1 hour and there will be a mandatory pit stop between 10 and 50 minutes. All...