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ferrari challenge

  1. Isaac Chavira

    2020 Ferrari of Houston 488 EVO Challenge Car 1.0

    Hello Everyone, Since the real car is for sale on DuPont Registry and not racing; I brought it here. I made it to what I think it would have looked like with it's real driver name on the car. The suit will be coming in a future update. In the mean time enjoy the skin. The real car...
  2. M

    2020 Ferrari Challenge Skins for 488 Challenge (NOW 15 SKINS) 12.0

    I created skin for Ferrari 488 Challenge based on recent Imola race. This is my first time i doing this. Hope u guys like it. How to install 1. Extract downloaded folder 2. Copy content to Assettocorsa>content>cars>ferrari_488_challenge>skins 3. done! Ferrari Challenge 2020 #56 Added...