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  1. S

    ACC Logitech G25 settings

    Hi, I've just bought the ACC and found out that the FBB is just terrible. FBB is dead around the center, so few degrees of rotation close to the center I dont feel anything. In AC it was the same but not as noticable. Is there any tutorial how to set FBB for G25 in ACC? I've found some threads...
  2. FaLLeNGaM8LeR

    ACC on Xbox and PS4 - Logitech g920 / G29 optimized fbb

    Hey guys, there are many discussions about ACC and the Logitech g920/G29. Is it drivable? Dynamic damping to 0% or 200%? And so on...I looked a tons of material on this topic, got a lot of different opinions and tested an infinite amount. The result is really useful and I want to share it with...
  3. DiRTyDRiVER

    Lotus Evora GTC - GTSBBC bierbuden.de Pack 1.0

    Lotus Evora GTC - bierbuden.de GTSBBC Pack #607 ABB Altbierbude.de (GT Legends) #615 MBB Malzbierbude.de (ProjectCars 1+2) #416 FBB Freibierbude.de (Power&Glory) #916 KBB Koelschbierbude.de (GTR2) #114 SBB Schwarzbierbude.de (Assetto Corsa) livery painted by DiRTyDRiVER www.schwarzbierbude.de...