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  1. Marcness1313

    The Rotary 3 (Group 3) - Team Stopp #75 1.0

    The livery features an original "Rotary 3" logo design based on the Mazda logo from the 60's and 70's. The paint job was inspired by a Swedish-flag-themed livery I saw on a 1970 Volvo 144, so I figured to put a bit of a Japan-flag-themed livery on a Japanese car. Enjoy!
  2. Marcness1313

    Le Cinq B (Group B) - Mt.Asama / Le Cinq #85 1.0

    To showcase the alternate version of the Renault "Le Cinq" logo (1992-2004 era) I drew up for the Group 4 Le Cinq, I put it on the Le Cinq B. I also whipped up a quick facsimile of the Yokohama Tyres logo and named it "Mt.Asama," which if you aren't familiar yet, is the name of one of the stages...
  3. Marcness1313

    Le Cinq (Group 4) - Värsprung #80 1.0

    While the main sponsor is Värsprung, the main feature is the custom "Le Cinq" logo, which is based on the logo used by Renault during 1972-1992.