fantasy mod

  1. F

    F1 2020 Performance Mod 1.0 [FreQaxFsU] 2020-03-05

    * :::ALL CARS HAVE PERFORMANCE CHANGES BASED ON FANTASY & CREATIVITY, INSPIRED BY THE 2020 WINTER-TESTS. (Please make inspirational comments below for some improvements) Tracktime TOP 3 teams 1 sec faster (on average) The rest of the field can go up to +1,5 seconds faster (on average) *...
  2. F

    F1 2018 Fantasy Performance Mod [FreQaxFsU] 1.0

    * :::ALL CARS HAVE PERFORMANCE CHANGES BASED ON FANTASY, CREATIVITY AND INSPIRATION::: (Please make inspirational comments below for the next version) * Performance Line Up has more noticable difference per track, but the drivers are much closer together. * Changes in::: Engine FuelEcu...
  3. patrikpat

    Aviano cirquit for Assetto Corsa 1.0

    Hello everyone. Who already has Assetto Corsa probably also knows nKpro, the other legendary simulator of the Kunos house. And if you played with nkPro, surely you know the Aviano route. Well, I managed to convert this track for Assetto Corsa, so we could have fun with even this iconic track...
  4. W3SB3YTofficial

    F1 2017 - Williams Fantasy Helmet 0.9

    Hey Guys, This is my first F1 Mod ever. I really hope you like it. If you have any problems with it just tell me. Here are some pictures of it: If you dont know how get helmets...