fantasy design

  1. Raymond Racing

    A3DR Toyota Sera - Gran Turismo Altezza Touring Car 1.0

    This is my recreation of the livery of the Toyota Altezza Touring Car from Gran Turismo 3-6 adapted to @A3DR's Toyota Sera EXY10. This livery is designed to work with the base road car, though it may also work with TRD tuned version. However, it won't work with the GT Time Attack version since...
  2. ElizatheC

    Formula RSS 1970 V8 | McDonald's Racing 1.0

    McDonald's Racing -- McDonald's has decided to field a car in the 1970 season of Formula One. This is what they field with star driver, Ronald McFondle Fielding Driver -- Ronald McFondle (55) To Install: ------------------------------- 1. Go to [YOUR...
  3. SubieDrufter53

    Subaru Gemini MyTeam Fantasy Livery ONLY 1.2

    You can even add some of the ingame sponsors to add a nice mix to it (some dont fit). The installation is in with the file aswell and requires WINRAR and the EGO ERP Archiver to Install. Hope you enjoy!
  4. googila

    HAAS VF-23 fantasy livery for RSS Formula Hybrid 2022 1.0.1

    If i had to design a Haas for 2023, this would be my fantasy livery, alltough it is mostly based off the Haas VF-20 because uh.. it HAAS to be a Haas right? Anyway, this Haas is a combination between the Haas VF-20 and the VF-22 in terms of sponsors and a few assets Assets such as: -Vf22-like...
  5. JSoria

    Fernando Alonso 'Fantasy' Helmet Alpine 2021 | ACSPRH Mod 2021-03-15

    Hi! I read a couple of days ago some news about how is gonna be the helmet for the next season and based on Alonso words I just made a fantasy one for fun (I like to make helmet designs). He said the helmet design is going to be close to the 05/06 season. So taken that as inspiration and his...
  6. christoph1954

    Mitsubishi Lancer-X in Canadian Hemp Green 2019-09-14

    As it´s now legal stuff: The doctor orders "Don´t fear the reefer!" :laugh:. Now for the record: "Agent Smith"! If you are in for some tasty corners, give it try! :ninja: You´ll never have a smoother ride :whistling: And just in case: Your codriver goes by the name "Dredd" :cautious: Peace!
  7. christoph1954

    Golf GTI - FENDER Guitars - candy apple red 2020-06-08

    After a lot of beer and smoke I try a more subtle design.:rolleyes: With this one I have my scruples to give it a beating - otherwise I would feel like P.Townsend smashing his Strat into the amplifier on stage - and honestly: I never would do so and never liked to see someone do it.:confused...
  8. christoph1954

    DS21 "Gitanes" french cigarettes 2020-04-12

    I don´t smoke and don´t like the smoke within rooms - but I like these cool smokers of the old days, dying either on cancer or in there race cars :confused::ninja:. And these liverys were cool too - "HB" "Gitanes" "Rothmans" "John Player" "Marlboro" "Camel" etc. etc. I´m glad, that smoking...
  9. christoph1954

    Mitsubishi EVO-6 in a famous Irish beer livery 2019-09-13

    Another one from the Irish "brewery design" team. "Lord Vader" again, giving us a warning in his dark voice: "Don´t underestimate the power of the dark stuff!" #37 - I thought this is prime number?? hopefully! As always: Thanks to "Rallygamer" for his information. And big regards to GitHub for...
  10. christoph1954

    Sierra Cosworth in a famous Irish beer livery 2019-09-13

    Once again: A "brewery design" This time "The dark stuff" from Ireland - of course much appeciated and presented by the hero of the dark side "Lord Vader" himself. As the #65 fits well to my age - I decided to take this one. In the meantime, I found an open source alternative to the costly...
  11. christoph1954

    Sierra Cosworth in an infamous beer livery 2019-09-13

    As already said, I´m a dedicated beer fan (who doesn´t drink anymore). Nonetheless I love these liveries. This time it´s the "infamous" DUFF-Beer - made known as Homer Simpson´s delight! It fit´s well to the large surfaces on the Cossy - to my taste at least :) Some small issues I have already...
  12. christoph1954

    Lancia Delta in a famous beer livery 2019-08-17

    As I´m a dedicated fan of beer (although I do not drink anymore since 2014 ) I love the "alcoholic or tobacco liveries" like "Martini" or "Heineken" or "John Player". There was never a "Beck´s" as far as I remember. So here it is: The "Lancia Delta" in gloriuos Beck´s Bottle Green :) But don´t...