fanatec formula rim

  1. Greyriley00

    Sell Fanatec DD1, Original Box - Formula Wheel w/ Mag Shifter Upgrade - Clubsport Inverted Pedals V3 w/ Brake Kit - US

    Selling my Fanatec wheelbase. Used only a handful of times. Decided to just buy a real car instead. I bought a whole set up built on a custom frame. Nothing is over 2 months old. Prices in USD and are as follows. DD1 Wheelbase in Original Box - $1100 Formula Wheel w/ Mag Shifter - $450 CS...
  2. G

    Sell [US] Entire rig: NLR F-GT, Fanatec DD1/Formula F1 2019 rim/CSP V3, Gametrix JetSeat KW-908

    Sorry, everything's sold.
  3. Stnry

    Wanted Fanatec Formula Rim & Any H-Pattern/Sequential Shifter

    Hello there, as stated in the title, i am looking to extend my current setup with a h-pattern/Sequential shifter (no particular brand) and a gt/formula style rim for my fanatec wheelbase. Feel free to post anything you want to sell that fits into the topic. Thanks in advance. Cheers, Max