1. Noel López

    f1 2019 faces for f1 2014 1.0

    What this mod has? It replaces the old drivers faces of the 2014 for the 2019 season. Charles leclerc face. Max Verstasspen face. Norris face. Russell face Alexander Albon Stroll Gasly Kubica Giovanazzi Also it has the Ricardo Milos face for the carrer mode PD: Norris aren´t realistic...
  2. Noel López

    Ricardo Milos face 2019-12-10

    The face of the famous meme for f1 2014, if you like it, let´s download this mod If you want more faces, just tell me what face do you want.
  3. Techie Pocket

    what screws are used on the G27 pedal faces?

    Helolo! This is my first post here so let me know if there is anything I need to have done :) Recently I purchased a NIXIM mod for my brake. I tried removing the pedal faces but they were very very tightly screwed in(mine is refurbished). So short story I stripped the screws for the clutch and...