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  1. pauhernandz

    SEAT F1 TEAM 2021-09-07

    DOWNLOAD: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10QgmMcxq7Lf8bTWU8XEyHyrTMmIG8yzI/view?usp=sharing Here is my frist F1 MyTeam livery, Seat F1 team concept. Here is the DDS file for you to upload using Ego ERP Archiver. i really apreciate any feedback, this is my frist try and i want improve THANKS :)
  2. jani012

    Alternate MCL33 Skin for Formula Hybrid 2018 0.1

    This is not a final version. I will update the skin soon but now this is what i have time for. Soon i will add Alonso and Vandoorne numbers to the cars. If you like it or not just give me reply and i will work to improve the skin. Thanks! :)