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  1. speedbzik

    Alpha Tauri 1.0

    Hi everyone, This mod includes: ALPHA TAURI livery - WHITE AND BLUE (FOM Chassis) ERP / Ego Achieve Install - You have to overwrite livery_custom_mer_d.tif and livery_custom_tor_s.tif OR COPY/PASTE - _Modular_Mods - _ACTIVE Please leave a rating if you like this mod, thank you :) To...
  2. stingingvortex

    2021 Polestar MY TEAM Livery 1.0

    Hi Everyone This mod is for MY TEAM – FOM chassis as a Fantasy Livery for 2021 Polestar Racing There will be future updates for the Copy and Paste versions for all 4 Teams Ferrari/Renault/Merc Ect. Whats in this mod: ERP FILES Please use Latest version of the ERP Archiver Ego ERP...