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  1. S

    Can somebody tell me programms with whom i can edit the my team car

    Please help me i wana do my own liverys
  2. jp0622

    MyTeam Aston Martin Livery (REQUEST) 1.0

    An Aston Martin Livery inspired by Sean Bull's design. This livery adaptation is a request so it currently only has No.43 on it. If you use copy/paste, please choose No.66 in game to hide the original driver numbers. Both ERP & Copy/Paste install available. If you use copy/Paste install, it is...
  3. The snad'Zo

    F1 2020 Realistic Performance by Snad'Zo 0.2

    Hello! In this mod I changed performance of cars using EGO ERP Archiver, if you don't like my the balance of power, you can manually adjust it (link to the guide below). What have I changed? Honda engine has become faster, at the level of Mercedes engine Ferrari engine became the slowest...