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  1. A

    F1 2020 Mclaren (Gulf) 1

    The famous Gulf Oil colours are returning to Formula 1 this week after the company signed a new partnership deal with McLaren. The two companies worked together in F1 and Can-Am racing in the late 1960s and early 1970s, before linking up again in the 1990s when the McLaren F1 GTR ran in Gulf's...
  2. S

    Need an F1 Helmet designer

    I would like to find a graphic designer who can create an Helmet for my Online tournament this year, Of course I will pay him.
  3. Winarendra

    F1 2020 rim editing question (livery)

    Hi! I've been trying to edit a custom livery for myself, and have tried unsuccessfully to mod the rim color of the FOM car. If anyone could direct me to how this is done as I have seen on some mods on this site, I would be very grateful! Below are some screenshots of what I've done so far, I...
  4. C

    Blurry original liveries

    Hi Guys, I have created my own livery to put into the game, I have followed a tutorial on youtube below: This worked the first time, as I made it in photoshop, saved it and used ERP archiver to input it into the game. I then re-edited it to add more things and did the same process of putting...
  5. E

    Turkish f1 team (TOGG) DREAM TEAM 1.1

    You can watch