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f12020 mod

  1. Rarisqian


    SAFETYCAR DA POLICE ...WHOOP...WHOOOP... Safety car with Indonesian patrol police car livery ready to be part of your race , please have a look :)) Replace Safety Car Livery using ERP Archiver If you like my work, you can leave a comment and DM if you have any questions, you can see my other...
  2. teozenko27

    Boris Johnson Grand Prix 1.0

    If you are a true British patriot, this livery is something you truly must have
  3. I

    F1 2020 ERROR unable to verify file integrity F1 2020

    Does anyone know how to fix that error? When I put a mod on the my team livery and then I try to play online it shows that and doesn't lemme play online. Can we have a mod on our game and still play online? Cuz without mods it didn't show that error. Plz help
  4. F

    F1 2020 Need help with modding my team career

    hello everyone, can someone maybe help me download and install everything into my team career? (discord, screenshare). its my first time doing it and i want to do it right, so everything looks good immediatly. i know there are tutorials and u can copy paste it but i still dont understand a lot...
  5. A

    F1 2020 Mclaren (Gulf) 1

    The famous Gulf Oil colours are returning to Formula 1 this week after the company signed a new partnership deal with McLaren. The two companies worked together in F1 and Can-Am racing in the late 1960s and early 1970s, before linking up again in the 1990s when the McLaren F1 GTR ran in Gulf's...
  6. S

    Need an F1 Helmet designer

    I would like to find a graphic designer who can create an Helmet for my Online tournament this year, Of course I will pay him.
  7. Winarendra

    F1 2020 F1 2020 rim editing question (livery)

    Hi! I've been trying to edit a custom livery for myself, and have tried unsuccessfully to mod the rim color of the FOM car. If anyone could direct me to how this is done as I have seen on some mods on this site, I would be very grateful! Below are some screenshots of what I've done so far, I...
  8. C

    F1 2020 Blurry original liveries

    Hi Guys, I have created my own livery to put into the game, I have followed a tutorial on youtube below: This worked the first time, as I made it in photoshop, saved it and used ERP archiver to input it into the game. I then re-edited it to add more things and did the same process of putting...
  9. E

    Turkish f1 team (TOGG) DREAM TEAM 1.1

    You can watch