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  1. Amir Hakiem

    F1 2020 F1 2020 Decal problems, how to costum decal?

    I have a problem with costum Haas livery decal. There is no problem with the livery it applied fine to the car, but the decals come to a problem, there is applied decals but livery gone its become white all except numbers decal. i start to make it same as others skin did with no solid black...
  2. stingingvortex

    2021 Polestar MY TEAM Livery 1.0

    Hi Everyone This mod is for MY TEAM – FOM chassis as a Fantasy Livery for 2021 Polestar Racing There will be future updates for the Copy and Paste versions for all 4 Teams Ferrari/Renault/Merc Ect. Whats in this mod: ERP FILES Please use Latest version of the ERP Archiver Ego ERP...
  3. stingingvortex

    Fantasy Helmet 2-Pack in Game- Insane Twisted Lady & Trippy Anaconda *Copy And Paste only* Blurry Helmets Fixed - New Copy and paste File

    Hi Everyone I have not posted in a while, here is my gift to you for 2021. This contains the copy and paste files for my team FOM & Endracism_01 to be replaced by my 2 Fantasy Helmets for use in My Team Just unzip the file and copy and paste into your F1 2020 folder named 2020_asset_groups...
  4. J

    MyTeam Subaru Skin F1 2020 1.0

    Hi! So this is my first skin made. As subaru is a very popular team on Rallys, how could they perform with a F1 Team? This is only the car skin, if this mod is really supported I'll make v2.0 and add a full-team mod. To install the skin, only thing you gotta do is extract the folder, and COPY...
  5. F

    My team - Siemens F1 Team 1B

    Make your livery unique with this very special color. A new team needs many sponsors to get to fight with Mercedes, Ferrari and redbull, this livery is, this livery is what you need. Copy - Paste + ERP included.