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f1 rim

  1. IMrIMike

    Any 3DRap.it Experience?

    Looking to order one of their GT Rim Assembly Kits with the dual clutch. I have watched the review of Sim Racing Garage about the GT1 with the screen, now I'm not looking for something super sturdy as I´m only going to mount this to my Thrustmaster TX base but the review was looking promising...
  2. RobertLidstroem

    [TX Base + F1-wheel] - cant change to advanced mode in controlpanel?

    Hi! (yes i did a search, but no luck) - So i have the TX-base with a f1-rim to it (also thrustmaster). I want to be able to use all the functions on it, aka "Advanced Mode". So i go to the controlpanel and click "Advanced Mode" - a popup comes and tells me "This settings will restart the...