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f1 2020 game

  1. HeskeyBoy21

    Snowy Winter Styrian | Austria Experimental Mod 1.00

    Here is my first published experiment of a seasonal mod for F1 series. This changes the visuals of the Styrian Grand Prix track (Austria) to give a winter feel to the track. Video: CLICK ME Screenshots: Changes: * The closest trees are covered in snow. * The grass and soil/earth and gravel...
  2. Trapa

    F1 2020 [HELP] Game crashes when I apply racenet suit

    My F1 2020 game crashes when I select the racenet suit when playing my team mode, and want to start up my team. I have instaled a mod and the custom suit uses the racenet suit but when I apply that and want to start my team it crashes.
  3. phoenix84621

    Ferrari powered by V10 1.0

    There is more to come from this mod, so stay tuned.