f1 2019 modding

  1. Balkan_Guy

    Realistic Ferrari Engine Sound Mod 1

    This aims to bring your playing experience to higher level by hearing the engine sound better, more aggressive. And improved pitch tone.
  2. K

    F1 2019 Changing appearance of steering wheel

    Is there a way to change appearance of steering wheel? E.g I'm in ferrari but I want to have steering wheel of merc. I already tried to swap textures of wheels in erp archavier but that doesnt work..or I'm doing something wrong..how to do it?
  3. GuiihRamos

    Subaru F1 Team Livery 2019-09-24

    This mod contains a Subaru livery replacing Renault. I had the idea to make this livery from a F1 2018 mod, I didn't find it in F1 2019, so I decided to do it! This is the mod in F1 2018: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/subaru-formula-one-team.25790/ I hope you'll like this mod!
  4. GuiihRamos

    Panasonic Jaguar Racing F1 Team 2019-09-13

    Hello everyone, I am Brazilian and I do not have much knowledge of English, so I apologize for possible and probable writing errors. This is one of my first modding work in F1, I had the idea of making a fantasy career in my game, I thought of implementing new teams in the grid that already...