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f1 2006

  1. Silvestr Edl

    Race07 Road to F1 Challange

    After my first collection, there will be another one! You can expect racing series from Race07 Ulitramod like DTM, WTCC or FIA GT3 Championship and WEC. But the mod will be expanded by F1, Formula E and more. Stay tuned, the mod should come on Febuary 16th 2021! Screenshots are available here:
  2. Ferrari2016

    Lucky Strike Honda RA106 Jenson Button Livery | RSS Formula Hybrid X | V1.1

    So, here it is. My First Honda Formula One skin for Assetto Corsa. The Honda RA106 driven by Jenson Button. Special shoutout for the help on the helmet by: 'SamTheStupid' - https://www.racedepartment.com/members/samthestupid.206902/ Hopefully you will enjoy it, be sure to leave your star...
  3. KeisariKine

    2006 Renault livery fix 2018-08-31

    Ever since F1 2017 released I was slightly bothered by the missing sponsors on the 2006 Renault, and at some point I made a fix for them which I never released, so I thought I'd release it now. With this mod you won't be able to play online! Offline should be fine with gamesaving. There's...
  4. ricmaster

    F1 2006 for AMS part2 2018-07-29

    Complete Mod overhaul and conversion to AMS from WCP Series
  5. ricmaster

    F1 2006 for AMS part1 2018-07-29

    Complete Mod overhaul and conversion to AMS from WCP Series
  6. Saff F1

    2006 Style Inspired Williams V1.0

    Hey everyone and welcome to another mod ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This is a livery inspired by the 2006 Williams design, it's not supposed to be a copy, simply a take on it with the 2017 Williams chassis as their current liveries are...