f1 1994 mod

  1. T

    F1 1994 Imola -Realism-Pack 2.0

    I have overhauled my old "Imola 1994" pack which some of you might have (remove!) and here it is brandnew with lots of improvements and more stuff incl. At this point I am trying to figure out how to make AI drivers more realistic (see my other post) and might release an update if I find a clou...
  2. F1Anime

    F1 2019 1994 season mod to replace F2 2019 when the language file comes for F1 2019

    When the language file comes to F1 2019 for PC, I would like to see the 1994 season (Ayrton Senna's final year of his life) mod to replace F2 2019 season for F1 2019. Teams: Footwork > Carlin McLaren > ART Grand Prix Benetton > DAMS Ferrari > Uni Viturosi Jordan > Prema Minardi > Charouz Ligier...
  3. Gaara CewoFan

    F1 1994 CAR PACK FOR F1 2013 (Taken from PEDROXIII's 1994 mod for F1 2014) 1994 CAR PACK

    Hello everyone! This is the 1994 mod car pack for @Thang Nguyen. 1994 cars was made by @PedroXIII. Please drag to the cars folder from F1 2013.
  4. Gaara CewoFan

    1994 Season Team Names for F1 2018 1.0

    5 folders 'Footwork/Larrousse/Lotus/Simtek/Pacific'. Chosse one to make Liveries. 1994 Williams (Replaces Mercedes) 1994 Ferrari (Replaces Ferrari) 1994 Benetton (Replaces Red Bull) 1994 Jordan (Replaces Renault) 1994 Tyrrell (Replaces Haas) 1994 McLaren (Replaces McLaren) 1994 Ligier (Replaces...