f1 1975

  1. A

    Custom AI drivers for Formula Retro Gen1 based on 1975 season 1

    Custom driver ai file for F-Retro Gen based on Formula 1 season 1975 Quite a fun season with many different winners, Lauda running away with title mid season from Fittipaldi, strong Brabhams, fast but unreliable Shadows, poor form for Lotus and surprising results (Wins for Brambilla or Pace at...
  2. Dethrone1427

    Formula One 1975 HE/2020 1.0

    ** IF YOU HAVE ANY PREVIOUS HE EDITION INSTALLED PLEASE REMOVE ** If you do not have any previous He editons released installed then download and install overwrite any old 75mod files. This is 1975 F1 season. Originally created by ChiefWiggum, I have previously been given permission to work...
  3. S

    1975 Formula 1 South African Grand Prix additional skins 2018-03-31

    1975 South African Grand Prix additional skins #31 Scuderia Scribante McLaren M23 Driven by: Dave Charlton (ZA) #32 Lexington Racing Tyrrell 007 Driven by: Ian Scheckter (ZA) #33 Team Gunston Lotus 72 Driven by: Eddie Keizan (ZA) #34 Team Gunston Lotus 72 Driven by: Guy Tunmer (ZA) for F1...
  4. M

    F1 1975 braking problem

    I've had this problem and since I'm not an expert in these matters, I need to ask. I've noticed that while in race, while braking, car is fairly unstable, not braking enough and tends to go right. I've tried on straigh to brake normally with or without downshifting, but its still the same, car...