1. Fastard

    Vibrating seatpad (shipped from Europe)

    I am interested in buying a vibrating cushion seat in order to add some immersion in my sim racing. The options: - Simshaker Jetpad - SRS Shakeseat - Realtus Forcefeel The problem: none of them available to buy in a european e-shop. Jetpad has to be shipped from Russia, SRS from the US and...
  2. RGF53K

    Ferrari Challenge Europe 2020 1.0 Steps to get the DLC code (base game required to activate it): Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo Select Country, fill in First Name, Last Name, E-mail Address, Re-enter your...
  3. Isaac Chavira

    [SPECULATION] Ferrari Roma GT4?

    I'm just wondering, what if the Ferrari Roma could compete in the GT4 series? I like the idea however they would have to suck out 161hp or add Ballast. What do you guys think they would do? I think the VW Group would immediately pull the R8 and replace it with the Huracan EVO just to have that...
  4. Isaac Chavira


    Hello SIM Racers and Skinners, I now release my Ferrari Challenge Europe Skin Factory into the wild. I have included many configurations as I have observed in my reference photos. I could not find a Graphic Charter for the 2020 Euro series. So, I studied the cars. It appears that the Euro...
  5. Isaac Chavira

    Ferrari Challenge - North America & Europe Skin Factory coming soon.

    Hello Fellow Skinners, Today I have begun work on a Photoshop Skin Factory for the Ferrari Challenge since we now have the proper car to run a series. I think it would be a great addition to the RD roster and all of have cars that look the part. I have painstakingly recreated the shape of the...
  6. Linngor

    Renault RS01 Championships nov-2019

    Today I bring you a new career mod. 4 fictitious championships of the Renault R.S.01 category. American Championship: 7 Circuits. 5 laps European Championship: 14 Circuits. 5 laps Asia-Australia Championship: 5 Circuits. 5 laps World Championship: 20 Circuits. 10 laps There are no repeated...
  7. bumblebeetuna

    ELMS/LMES 2004 number plates 2019-07-24

    .PSD file for the 2004 ELMS season - there has to be a dozen variations of this same single number plate but the base number plate is here in this pack and you can just change the colour, duplicate the logo or whatever to get it right. Sorry but a little DIY may be required this time
  8. josap11

    2019 European races

    I was just looking at the upcoming Spanish GP and noticed that F1TV says that the race is starting at 1610h CEST. The Formula One website itself states 1510h and both times are the same for all European races that I've looked at. This does seem rather late as they used to start at 1300h I...