1. nicoluffy06

    OMSE Supercar Lite RX2 2019 Red Bull Livery of Oliver ERIKSSON v1.1

    OMSE Supercar Lite RX2 2019 Livery of Oliver ERIKSSON Replace livery_00 Place rxl in steam\steamapps\common\DiRT Rally 2.0\cars Don't remove the rxl.nefs Not Download for re-upload with modifications !!!!! Follow me on instagram for all livery news : nicoco_design If you like my liveries and...
  2. Conguito_

    URD T5 Bayro 2018 - 2019 DTM skins FINAL

    URD T5 Bayro 2018 - 2019 Skin Pack This are the 2019 BMW DTM entries, aswell as their three Dreamrace entries. 2019 Audi liveries 2019 Audi WRT liveries Driver gloves are the excellent Puma Avanti gloves by Hoksu ENJOY!
  3. AadHofman

    Volkswagen Golf Mk2 GTi (Eriksson/Diekmann, Sanremo 1986) 1.0

    The problem with this skin is that the car didn't have side bumpers back then (first rally with the 16V version). Now there is only one small patch of skinnable texture for both sides of the bumber, and even smaller for the stripe that goes all around the car (red in default). So if you make it...
  4. kekman

    1996 Kenneth Eriksson Subaru Impreza Gr.A 2019-05-02

    Replaces livery 10/10 Installation: Extract zip file to: DiRT Rally\cars\models\555