engine swap

  1. LTLGamer1

    AC Ferrari SF70X Mod v1.2

    Just what would the AC Ferrari SF70H be like if it had the engine from the F2004? I have successfully shoehorned the Ferrari F2004's Tipo 053 V10 engine into the back of the SF70H. As the engine is naturally aspirated, the ERS system was replaced with a 4MJ KERS similar to the one found in the...
  2. DoBrowOolny

    McLaren Mercedes Engine Sound 1.0

    About: This mod replaces Renault engine sound to Mercedes engine sound in McLaren car. Installation: This is manual installation. To work first you need Ego Erp Archiver - https://p2t5r.itch.io/ego-erp-archiver. After extracting the files you need to open Ego Erp Archiver and open the...
  3. H

    acf1 mania modified v8 1565 BHP WIP 1.0

    this is a modified ''power.lut", it reaches round 1565 BHP. It requires quite some precise throttle control to avoid any spins/oversteer. It is more powerfull then the BMW M12 from 1983. If you overdrive you will get a formula drift car. (this mod works for every car but it is made for the ACF1...